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What is Burial?

Traditionally, a burial service involves a visitation, followed by a funeral service in a church. The casket is typically present at both of these events, and it is your decision on whether to have the casket open or not. You have the option of having the remains interred (earth burial), or they may be entombed in a mausoleum (above ground burial). Family or religious traditions are often a factor for choosing burial. Decisions need to be made on whether the body needs to be embalmed, what kind of casket to use, where in our cemetery to have the burial, and what to put on the gravestone.

Why is having a place to visit so important?

To remember and to be remembered are natural human needs. A permanent memorial in a cemetery provides a focal point for remembrance and memorializing the deceased. Throughout human history, memorialization of the dead has been a key component of almost every culture. Psychologists say that remembrance practices, from the funeral or memorial service to permanent memorialization, serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping them bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin. Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a dignified treatment for a loved one’s mortal remains, which fulfills the natural human desire for memorialization.

What options are available besides ground burial?

Besides ground burial, we offer interment in lawn crypts or entombment in mausoleums.

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